Almacenes y Espacios Industriales, S.L. is a consulting engineering and construction firm, specialized in the development of buildings and equipment for storage and logistics applications.

Companies with important storage needs and complex logistics, such as Inditex S.A., have trusted a great number of their installations and equipment to AEI.

We integrate design, calculations, fabrication and assembly of the building structure and interior equipment, installation support, docks etc. and logistics equipment, mezzanines, shelf racks, mini-load, etc. We also provide roof and building closure solutions: facade panels, curtain walls, ventilated facades, etc. We design and install, as well, different types of partitions: thermal, acoustic, fire, etc.

AEI s.l. strongly believes in innovation, considering R&D a company must and creating initiatives like Tecniglobalrack S.L., dedicated to the research and improvement of new storage systems models, through its own testing lab and internationally renowned, experienced staff.

At AEI s.l., we appreciate client trust as an indispensable foundation for the development of the work and efforts of our professional team.